Medical School application update

This is completely amazing. I hadn’t shared this story because I wanted to make sure everything was going to pan out.

A while back I had an article that was published in an online premed magazine.  About two weeks later I was contacted by a physician who is on the board of John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.  He asked me a lot of questions and seemed very interested in my story and in my goals for medical school, as well as post-medical school.

He asked if I had heard of John Hopkins University School of Medicine and if I was interested in his help and recommendation in getting into that school. I was dumbfounded but of course accepted his offer.

To find out what happened next please highlight between the asterisks.

* April Fools! *


  1. Ryan Gray says:

    haha – Had me going! :)

  2. Rebekah Villanueva says:

    I had missed this one some how and read it tonight. I was like ‘highlight” ? Ok. When I did I was like ‘HEY!!!!” Then ” How did he do that?”. Touche mi hijito, touche!!!

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